How we find that right horse.

How do we get a horse for owners?

Either by auction, private purchase or via the claiming box, our partners will acquire a horse or horses for our members.

The goal and objectives of each particular venture will be known up front (i.e., claiming, auction, private purchase, one horse, multiple horses, etc.). 

All horses are Fee Format - Owners will share in 100 % of Net Purses







Trainer and Fees

Understanding the Trainers Fees Collected:

If all shares are sold there should be enough to cover our first year of care and racing,pending the original purchase price of our horse at the sale.The trainers involvement in ownership is his or her purchase plus vet/shoe/staking etc,Trainer doesn't pay his or her own training bill.

We will make it easy for owners after that period to pay for any further costs.

With D2D your not paying for any equipment  and misc things that aren't required and your horse will always be stabled at the training center where the personal care is taken,can other groups promises you the same.

Please keep in mind that your purchase price does include the portion of the bills you will be paying for the month all we do it withdraw your 5% or 10% from that pool and show it on the balance sheet.

During the winter months while the trainer is getting the horse ready to see the races there is no income coming back to the owners so it's pay pay pay till we race and at some point if the horse hasn't raced and we require a cash call one will be proposed to the owners at that time.

Current offerings


Current Offerings: (Sold Out)
           2014 D2D Offering

Horse Bought
 Private purchase
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Shares Sold:
Plan Type: NO FEE
Details: This group will be a NON-FEE horse so get in early to avoid being shut out.