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Darran Cassar

D2D Racing will select a top trainer on the circuits listed who will take proper care of the horse(s) we select when the time is fit to purchase

Stables at Winners In NJ

The 35-year-old Sydney native has been training in the United States since 1992. He trains at North Hanover in New Jersey and lives in Trenton (NJ).

He?s renowned for racing ?Down Under? horses and pacer Mr Hasani N is no exception. He is one of five in his 12-strong stable owned by Joe Muscara, a prominent Philadelphia owner and loyal supporter of harness racing in New Zealand and Australia.

In fact eight of the Cassar team are originally from ?Down Under

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Example #1

1 shares are invested at $___ each to purchase a $20-25K yearling at the 2011 sale  The method of ownership is MF ( Monthly fees with participation in 100% of net purses/Initial investment should cover the purchase price and care till at least August 2012 scheduled qualifying  or 1st race ).

Funds collected are the basis for our purchase and up keep till qualifying or racing of the horse which ever comes first. No one person can hold more than 30% interest in any horse listed in the D2D stable. Up and including 30% ownership is accepted

2013 OSS Grass Roots $90,000 divided per divisions
2103 OSS Grass Roots Final $50,000
2013OSS Gold Elims $210,000 split per division
2013 OSS Gold Mid Season Final $150,000
2013 OSS Gold Super Final $200,000

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