Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find out more about Dare 2 Dream Stables and becoming an owner of a Standardbred race horse?

Call or e-mail us with your interest in racehorse ownership (see the contact us page). We will be happy to talk with you about owning a Standardbred horse, our program and what we do.

What are the expenses related to maintaining a race horse?

In addition to the purchase price of the horse, there are monthly costs. This includes, but is not limited to, daily training, vet bills, shoeing, equipment rental, along with racing costs such as shipping, paddock fees, etc.The monthly cost for a horse in training ranges from $4,000 to $5500 month. Please note that these are estimates and the actual costs can vary depending on who trains the horse, number of vet bills, etc.Vet work is essential in this business and most be done to ensure we have a competitive horse with others in the class.

How does a race horse make money?

Horses earn the following amount of the purse assigned to each race based on their order of finish. The first place horse gets 50% of the purse; second - 25%; third - 12%; fourth 8% and fifth - 5%. So, as an example, a horse entered in a race with a $15,000 purse would earn $7,500 (50%) if it wins. A successful overnight horse can make anywhere from $20,000 to $75,000 or more in a year. A good stakes horse can make six figures if it does well, although it is very competitive.

Do horse owners make money?

There is no guarantee that a horse owner will make money. While it is certainly possible and does occur, many owners enter the sport for the thrill and excitement of owning their own horse and the involvement in a great sport.

What types of horses are in the D2D Stable?

We focus on good horses that have potential and can either be claimed our purchased via private sales. All horse purchases are done through a reliable network which includes a proven trainer, agents in the racing industry and horsemen who examine all potential buys before we commit as a group or individual.Our goal is to claim all horses at this time till we are grounded with a few in the stable before we look at private purchases

Where do D2D horses race?

Our horses primarily race in the lucrative
Ontario circuits (Mohawk, Woodbine, Grand River, Windsor, Western Fair, Flamboro, Georgian Downs & Sudbury).  D2D will also consider racing the traditional Grand Circuit sites and possibly expand to other jurisdictions depending on the quality of horse and determinations made by the trainers.  In racing classifying is the key to making purse money.
**If the opportunity presents to claim from the USA we will look at that option with our trainer***

How does Dare 2 Dream Stables communicate with those they work with?

We communicate primarily by e-mail and through our website. We regularly keep interested parties up-to-date on what is happening the stable via our memberís private area. Our owners always know what is happening. We are also available by phone to answer any questions or by email so we ask you to use any of the available sources to find out the days current events and horse progress reports.

Who takes care of D2D horses and can they be visited?

We contract with top trainers to take care of our horses. See the Trainers page for more information. We organize times and events for owners to meet and mingle with our trainers and see the horses either at the race track or the farm on days the horse isn't racing, preferably on weekends. Owners can also see their horse in the paddock on race night if they wish and if they own a racing license (5%) or more.If you have a minor share in each horse you can still visit the paddock but will need to fill in a visitors request form at the gate.

How do owners know when a horse in the stable is racing?

We let owners know via the memberís area and we email out the entries for each horse after we have confirmation they've drawn in to race.  Also, there are easy ways to check for horse entries on the internet and a free service that will automatically notify individuals when a horse is entered. We are happy to share how this works.

What kind of perks are there for race horse owners?

Horse owners can get an owners license if you own more then 5% which usually entitles you to free admission, parking and paddock visiting privileges at race tracks across the country.

How long are horses typically kept in the stable?

Claiming or overnight race horses are typically in the barn until they are claimed, sold or a decision has been made that the horse's career is over.

How is D2D compensated?

We receive a management fee (2%)on all horses net profits during the time he is racing till the  ownership is concluded. D2D will do everything in their power to focus the emphasis on making money for everyone involved so we have as much interest in each horse as you the owners and our risks are similar if not greater then the average shareholder. the fee to to cover the paper work required to do for the corp/costs in filing and the issuing of checks to owners.

I hope this section has covered the answers you've been looking for and if not please feel free to contact Lou or Maria via the email link page at the top of the site.

Hope to see you in the winners circle!



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