Trainer  : Tilly Seelster
Casie Coleman
D2D Racing will select a top trainer on the circuits listed who will take proper care of the horse(s) we select when the time is fit to purchase

Stables at Classy Land Training Centre
I can see a huge difference in attitudes in both my horses and my caretakers since moving to Classy Lane.  The track is A1 and I have access daily to the swimming pool/exersizer/sand track and lots of paddocks, which is very beneficial to operating my stable on a day to day basis without having to hook up the truck and trailor at all.  Jamie, Barb and the farm staff go out of their way to make sure the farm is in tip top shape and that you are happy.


Example #1

1 shares are invested at $5000 each to purchase a $20-25K yearling at the 2009 sale  The method of ownership is MF ( Monthly fees with participation in 100% of net purses/Initial investment should cover the purchase price and care till at least August 2010 scheduled qualifying  or 1st race ) .

10 Shares ($50,000 collected proceeds of 10 shares sold) No one person can hold more than 30% or 3 shares of the purchase

OSS Grass Roots $24,000
OSS Grass Roots Final $100,000
OSS Gold Elims $40,000
OSS Gold Final $130,000
OSS Gold super Final $300,000

Trainer  : (No Fee Trainer)
Name: TBA
D2D Racing Stable is finalizing the details with our NO FREE trainer and will provide his /her background and a BIO once confirmed

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